The tawny owl of the Ruà d’Aval – Angrogna

22 March 2019

Hello! Today we are back in Angrogna Valley for a tale of fear… but you have to know that on the book where I read this story it is also reported that people used to tell this story in an amused way… which means that they did not believe that much to the tale! We […]

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Legend: the sorcerers of Vengie – Angrogna

24 April 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in Angrogna, in Pellice Valley  (Turin), for a history of witches and fairies … Are you ready for that? We are on the banks of the Vengie (a stream I already told you about a long time ago), where it is said that once inhabitants round here were awakened […]

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Vengie – Angrogna

6 September 2013

Hey kids! Ready for a new visit? The little river you can see in this picture is famous because, long time ago, it was cause of separation among people from Angrogna. This creek, that originates from Barbotta and flows into the Angrogna river at the bottom of the valley (just before Reynaud Rock) is called […]

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Roccha d’la Fantina – Angrogna

26 August 2013

Hi guys! How’re you doing? Today I wanna tell you a really special story, one of those stories grandmothers used to tell their children many years ago… The rock you can see behind me is called “Roccha d’la Fantina”, which literally means “the Fairy’s rock”, and it is said that a magical creature lives on […]

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Guieiza d’la Tana – Angrogna

25 August 2013

Hi there! Today we are in a very special place called “Guieiza d’la Tana”, which means “the church in the burrow”… You oughta know that this breach in the rock is very, very old and probably people used it as a refuge when they arrived in this valley a long time ago. It is thought […]

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