Legend: the fairies of Barmascura – Luserna San Giovanni

Today we’re near the Luserna stream, in Val Pellice, to discover some of the clefts in the rocks where it’s said that once upon a time lived the fantine, the fairies who originally lived in the Waldesian valleys.

Here I am on the riverside of Luserna stream, tributary of Pellice

The fairies of Barmascura were tiny women very dynamic and full of vigour. They used to do the laundry and after that they loved to put their subtle and beautifuly embroided washings on the cross near their houses; during the night, illuminated by the moonlight, the sheets looked like ghosts!

The rocks near which the fantine lived.

Just like all the other fantine, these ones didn’t like to be seen by the men: this is why they got out from their shelters only by night, when they were sure that no one could perceive them. Nevertheless, they were real prankster, too, because when they saw some young man who, in the late evening, used to go and pursue a girl from the hamlet near their shelter, they enjoyed to scare him and chase him shouting and laughing, until the poor man wasn’t forced to run away frightened to death.

Who knows if during the night in these woods the fairies are still searching for someone to scare?

Somebody says that actually the fantine were good creatures, but they behaved in such a way because they know that, despite of their extraordinay beauty, no human being could ever reciprocate their love, because too much worried about their supernatural origin. But… who can say this with total certainty? Maybe they simply enjoyed a lot to behave in such a way!

How to get here
Leave the centre of the town of Luserna San Giovanni and take Provincial Street 162 (SP 162) to Rorà. After 3.5kms, on your left you’ll find a bridge, Pontevecchio, where you’ll find the indications to reach Mugniva hamlet. Turn here and after 2.5kms you’ll reach Barmascura.

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