Along Pellice creek

16 March 2018

For today’s journey you won’t need neither comfortable shoes nor a full water bottle, but only a sheet of paper and a lot of immagination! Have you ever made a paper boat in order to make it cut the water of a river? And when it goes away don’t you think, as I do, that […]

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Napoleon Bridge – Bobbio Pellice

1 July 2016

Hello! Today I went back to Bobbio Pellice (Torino) to take you to see a beautiful arch bridge, entirely built of stone, which has perfectly held out here for almost 400 years and which has a very outstanding name: welcome at Napoleon Bridge! We are few steps far from Malpertus, a small village I already […]

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Legend: the fairies of Barmascura – Luserna San Giovanni

2 November 2015

Hi! Today we’re near the Luserna stream, in Val Pellice, to discover some of the clefts in the rocks where it’s said that once upon a time lived the fantine, the fairies who originally lived in the Waldesian valleys. The fairies of Barmascura were tiny women very dynamic and full of vigour. They used to […]

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Legend: Biâl dâ Diaou – Perrero

2 January 2015

In Germanasca Valley, going towards Massello, you can see an ancient root canal on a rockface on your left. This structure is called biâl dâ Diaou, literally “Devil’s canal”, and this legend explains why. A man had three daughters and, when he had to divide up his goods, the most beautiful of them received the […]

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Legend: the girl of Pontevecchio – Luserna San Giovanni

15 November 2013

Hello guys! Today we are at Pontevecchio, a location halfway between Rorà and to Luserna San Giovanni in Pellice Valley; it takes its name from the bridge built over the river Luserna (the Englich for “Pontevecchio” is “Old Bridge”). This place is (sadly) known because of a bloody battle which took place here on 1944, […]

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