Waldensian Temple – Pramollo

31 March 2017

Hi all! Today I want to tell you about the history of the Temple of Pramollo, in Val Chisone. Pramollo is located in a valley between Val d’Angrogna and Val San Martino and its name derives from Pratum molle, because it’s rich of lawns and water sources. During the 16th Century, this valley was the […]

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Tuna Griotta – Pramollo

20 November 2015

Hi! Today I want to bring you in a beautiful place, scenic and adventurous. We’ll have to walk a bit on mountain trails, so remember to take with you a snack and you favourite trekking shoes! Departing from Ribetti hamlet in Pramollo you’ll find the directions, that in no more than half an hour will […]

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The departure of the fairies – Chaousenc, Pramollo

7 February 2014

Hi all! In the past, I already recounted you some stories in which the fantine, the fairies, are protagonists, and today it’s again fantine time! Did you ever asked yourselves why Pramollo, literally “spring meadow” in the Chisone Valley, is called in this way? Probably it depends on the peculiarity of the soils of this […]

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