The departure of the fairies – Chaousenc, Pramollo

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In the past, I already recounted you some stories in which the fantine, the fairies, are protagonists, and today it’s again fantine time!
Did you ever asked yourselves why Pramollo, literally “spring meadow” in the Chisone Valley, is called in this way? Probably it depends on the peculiarity of the soils of this town, often liable of landlides, and this tale explains why.

Some times ago, in Pramollo there were some fantine who lived in two places: near the creek which descends from the Chaousenc hamlet and near the ravine next to the hamlets of Bouchart and Ruâ. The fairies who lived near the creek were little, tiny, always busy and smiling. Their presence brought joy, and if someone was gentle with them, they used to return the favour in many ways. Because of these reasons, they were beloved by the local community.

Valdesina, be careful to not fall down!


A day, they were doing laundry and hanging out their shining clothes, us usual singing happy songs. Unfortunately, a bunch of kids decided to make them a bad trick. Nobody knows exactly what they did, because after this all of them decided to tell nothing, because they were ashamed. But the fact is that the inhabitants of the hamlet heard the tiny fairies to scream with anger and to pack their bags in less than no time.

Let’s hope that a day the fairies will return to do laundry here!

The fairies are usually good, but also very strut and touchy and so the praises of the good peasants of the village gave no results, because the fantine were firm on their decision: they wanted to leave forever.
“You wanted to make us a bad trick? Well, we’ll go far far away!”, they told, in the deepest anger ever. And then, in a single voice, they said “Ven-mé aprèe!”, “follow me!”: this was the curse they lanched on the lands inhabited by that rude peasants. Since that day, many landslides took place in that lands, as though the soils had decided to follow the fairies who had left the place. And here it is the origin of the name “Pramollo”!

A nice day, perfect for a nap before the next adventure!
A nice day, perfect for a nap before the next adventure!

How to get there
from San Germano Chisone take Via I Maggio and go straight for more or less 13 kilometers, and then continue on the main way, which becomes Stradale Pramollo. Go beyond the hamlet of Rue and go straight for 2 kilometers, until you get the way to Borgata Case Nuove Pellenchi. Go on for 400 meters and in correspondence to a turn on the left, you’ll see on your right a small creek.

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