The barma d’Aout Fairies – Vallone degli Invincibili, Villar Pellice

9 September 2016

Hi there! Today I’m back in high Pellice Valley because I want to take you to a famous place that once used to be the fairies’ home. We are at Barma d’Aout, and under this kind of rock many people found refuge: shepherds, partisans, and, even earlier, the Waldensian rebels that took up arms and […]

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Fucine – Rorà

31 July 2015

Hi! Today I want to recount you another story about masche, witches, and this time we’ll go on the road which reaches Rorà. You must know that during my walks and my chats with elders, who know every single ancient fables, I discovered that every region has a place in which is said that the […]

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