Peyrot, Bealera Peyrota – Luserna San Giovanni

28 August 2014

Hi there! After a while, I’d like to take you again on the banks of the Bealera Peyrota in order to go deep into its history and, of course, into history of people from Pellice Valley. After flowing through the villages of Giovo and Chabas, the Bealera (which is – let me refresh your memory […]

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The splitter, Bealera Peyrota – Angrogna

23 May 2014

Hello guys! After a few time, today we are back on the banks of the Bealera Peyrota, and we’re going to discover its path, from the Angrogna creek to the Pellice stream. D’you remember? A few time ago we spent some time at the Rocha Pisoira (I told you about its funny name, didn’t I?) […]

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The Rocha Pisoira, Bealera Peyrota – Angrogna

17 January 2014

Good morning kids! Today we’ll go on in our walk to the discovery of Bealera Peyrota… We’ve been there once some time ago, d’you remember? Well, today we are at the second stage of our walk. We are now at Rocha Pisoira. Do you get what its name means? Literally it means “the peeing rock”… […]

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Bealera Peyrota – Angrogna

22 November 2013

Hi there! The place we are at today is certainly precious to all of the people from Angrogna and Luserna who are following our walks, ’cause today we’re gonna talk about a river that has kept company with them for many, many years. Today we are at the first step of a long way alongside […]

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