Wolves of Palà – Rorà

22 February 2019

Hello! Today I’d like to tell you an anecdote that I found on an old book from the beginning of 1900. In it, it is told about how, not that long ago in time, it was remembered how in ancient times our valleys used to look wild and about the relationship that human beings had […]

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Legend: Castel del Loup – Prarostino

10 January 2014

Hi all! Today we’ll walk up to Prarostino, near to Borgata Colombini, in a place called Castel del Loup, literally Wolf’s Castle. As you can imagine, formerly in this place there was a castle, which in its 500 years of history has been a battle scene for many times. The fortification, indeed, was assaulted two […]

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Legend: the wolf and the goat – Rorà

11 October 2013

Good morning kids! Today I’m going to tell you a funny story which seems to have happened in Rorà (a small town in Val Pellice) in mid-19th century. It is told that, at the time, the front door of the small Catholic chapel of the village did not close properly, especially when the wind blew. […]

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