Letters of Pardon – Pinerolo

2 November 2018

Today I’m in Pinerolo to tell you another piece of the history of Waldensians, a history that in 1655 became an international affair. During the spring of 1655 the Savoy, who ruled on the valleys around Torino, ordered a harsh repression on the Waldensians, who got massacred, obliged to convert and forced to leave their […]

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The Valley of Rorà and its defence in 1655

19 October 2018

At the beginning of 1655, Giosuè Gianavello had taken refuge in Rorà waiting – as everyone – that the continuous visits of the Waldensian shepherds to the Turin authorities would allow to revoke the eviction order. Anyway, nothing was happening. In April, on the contrary, a large army suddenly arrived in Pellice Valley occupying it […]

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