Legend: the misterious ointment – Villar Pellice

20 April 2018

Hi guys! Ready for a new story today? A young man used to go and meet up every evening with two sisters, until one winter day they told him that the next evening they would not be home… the boy, intrigued by the girls’ sudden commitment , went secretly to the sisters’ house and spied […]

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Legend: the sorcerer and the bull – Alpe Infërnet, Angrogna

27 October 2017

I’ve told you many stories set in these valleys which have sorcerers as protagonists. Some of them are able to deviate the flow of the creeks, some can transform in animals, some others can force you to behave against your will. Almost all of them have something in common: the use of their magical powers […]

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Angrogna, San Lorenzo: The warlock dog

15 January 2016

Hello! Today I’m gonna tell you the ancient story of a prank gone bad… We are in Angrogna (Pellice Valley), in the county town of San Lorenzo, where once a couple of good friends used to live. One night one of them, coming back from the friend’s house, took the road that would pass (and […]

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