The birth of a post

25 April 2014

Hi all! Today I won’t bring you around for discover a place and its history, but I’m going to tell you the way a Valdesina‘s blog post is crafted. Are you ready to follow me step by step? So, the first thing I do is to gather data about an interesting story, which can be […]

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Lou Couént – Angrogna

28 March 2014

Hi there! Today we are in a beautiful panoramic area overlooking the village of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, which is known as “lou Couént ” (i.e.: “the Convent”) . This place got its name from an old building that once stood here (and that is now completely destroyed), which used to host the monks involved […]

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Legend: the hornet, Bellion hamlet – Luserna San Giovanni

14 March 2014

Hello! Today we are in San Giovanni , in the District of Luserna (Val Pellice): this is a fairly large hilly area in which each group of houses has a different name . Often villages were named after the family who lived there, just as it happened here in Bellion place: Bellion indeed is a […]

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The departure of the fairies – Chaousenc, Pramollo

7 February 2014

Hi all! In the past, I already recounted you some stories in which the fantine, the fairies, are protagonists, and today it’s again fantine time! Did you ever asked yourselves why Pramollo, literally “spring meadow” in the Chisone Valley, is called in this way? Probably it depends on the peculiarity of the soils of this […]

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Tribulet – Luserna San Giovanni

29 November 2013

Hi there! Are you OK? Today we are in the tiny village named Tribulet, upstream the Gianavella (we’ve already been there, d’you remember?), the house which belonged to Giosuè Gianavello and which he used to live in. In these houses, located on the mount known as “The Outlaw’s mount”, Giosuè Gianavello and his mates sometimes […]

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