The birth of a post

Hi all!
Today I won’t bring you around for discover a place and its history, but I’m going to tell you the way a Valdesina‘s blog post is crafted.
Are you ready to follow me step by step?

So, the first thing I do is to gather data about an interesting story, which can be an historical fact or a legend. Usually I find the informations on a book or on the Internet, then I study it with care and then I start to think about the actual writing.

At this point I write the article in a simple, and – I hope! – funny way. Sometimes I feel inspired and everything goes straight to the result, some others I need more thinking and I need to make some revision. You have of course noticed – because you’re reading it right now! – that my posts are also translated in English. Well, to achieve this result I always need some help, because I’m not so skilled in this language. But I’ll study, I promise it.


Now it’s time to solve a problem: where should I go to take the pictures which illustrate the article?
So I begin my search between maps, Google Maps or asking to someone who knows well the place. When I get this information I have to plan the excursion. Some places are hard to reach during winter, and, in any case, if it rains, well… No excursion at all, my nice dress could be tarnished!


Some times I take the wrong way and I can’t find immediately the destination, some others I’m involved in long long walks, but when I get there the satisfaction is so big!


Even if then I’m quite tired, it’s time to start a photo session. As you can see, usually in an article there are three or four photos, but you must know that we shoot much more of them!


When I get back home it’s time to choose and edit the photos. This means that I tune the photos to render in the best way the original colours of the place.


For the posts related to legends, I also draw an illustration which represents the scene I prefer in the story. I start with a sketch, then I scan it, and at last I redraw and digitally paint the illustration.


When all the materials are ready the article can go online!


You didn’t think that behind a post there was such an huge work, isn’t it? That’s why I have to tell you that for a while the articles won’t go online every week, but fortnightly, because in this way I’ll be able to go on with the continuous research of new, more and more interesting stories to bring to you, my dear followers.

And so the date is the 9th of May, with a new story. Keep reading my adventures!

Do you want to read the tale in Italian ?