Perrero – Waldensian Temple

18 November 2016

Winter is knocking at the door, but I’m not frightened by the cold, you can be sure! Today I’d like to bring you in Perrero, in Val Germanasca, to recount you the history of a temple. So, put a warm cap on your head and come with me! During the 18th Century, Perrero was the […]

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Legend: Il Peirun – Bagnou, Angrogna

12 August 2016

  The story I’m telling you today could make you rich, so you have to listen it cautiously! It’s said that above the Bagnou hamlet, in Angrogna, Val Pellice, there’s an hidden treasure. From the unpaved road which goes to Alpe Crëvlira, near Bagnou, you’ll see a big rock with the shape of an “L” […]

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Salita al Castello – Bricherasio

29 July 2016

Hello! It’s been a while since when I visited the lakes which water from Bealera Peyrota is collected in… but finally I’m back in Bricherasio! Today we’re not going to visit a historical place connected to Waldensian history, but I think you will find astonishing the fact that we are on the Stairs to a […]

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Forte Santa Maria – Torre Pellice

22 April 2016

Hello! Today I want to take you to a special place, since this place – even though many facts of the past happened here – in fact is not an open site ’cause it is located on a private property; I received permission to go there and now I’ll tell you everything I know about […]

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San Germano Chisone – Peira Eicrita

11 March 2016

Hi! Today I’d like to bring you with me for a journey into history, but we have to go far, far away in time. Are you ready? The destination of our walk are the woods above San Germano Chisone, in Chisone valley, where we’ll search the Peira Eicrita, which in Occitan means “Written Stone”. This […]

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Legend: Roccho eiclapâ – Prali

26 February 2016

Hi all! I hope that te story I’m telling you today can get a smile out of you. Going towards Prali on the current road, you’ll meet, near to the Rodoretto and Fontane fork, a descending path. If you take it you’ll be on an unpaved road: the ancient way to Prali. A a bit […]

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Legend: Biâl dâ Diaou – Perrero

2 January 2015

In Germanasca Valley, going towards Massello, you can see an ancient root canal on a rockface on your left. This structure is called biâl dâ Diaou, literally “Devil’s canal”, and this legend explains why. A man had three daughters and, when he had to divide up his goods, the most beautiful of them received the […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Lyon

19 December 2014

Valdesina goes on holiday! Lyon Welcome back, my friends, nice to see you again! This is our last piece of 2014 and, for the occasion, I really would like to tell you about an extraordinary adventure: today we will move to France, in order to tell the story of famous Valdo, whom the Waldensian movement […]

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The ribbon and the curse – Cournilhoun, Massello

18 July 2014

Here I am with a new, very special legend! Today I’ll bring you into the high valley of Massello, in a place called Cournilhoun, a woody ridge near the Eidût hill country. It is said that once upon a time in this place lived some fairies (also called fantine) in a cot under a rock. […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Pinerolo – Via dei Mille

6 June 2014

Hi! Do you remember my journey outside from the Valleys some weeks ago? In that post I recounted you about my visit to the Temple of Piazza Cavour in Rome. Today, on the contrary, I won’t go too far, in fact I’m going to tell you something about the Temple of Via dei Mille in […]

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