Perrero – Waldensian Temple

Winter is knocking at the door, but I’m not frightened by the cold, you can be sure! Today I’d like to bring you in Perrero, in Val Germanasca, to recount you the history of a temple. So, put a warm cap on your head and come with me!


During the 18th Century, Perrero was the religious centre of the Valley, and so the Waldensians had been excluded until 1848, when, with the Letters patent, the King of Sardinia, Carlo Alberto, put an end to the discriminations.


A few years after that event, some Waldensian families moved in Perrero, and the Pastor of Villasecca, Luigi Jallà, started to celebrate the ritual in a some small available spaces.


The temple I’m talking about opened in 1866, and it didn’t look very much like a worship space, but more like a residential one. The authorisation to its construction, indeed, was granted only at two conditions: the building shouldn’t resemble a church and the entrance shouldn’t be on the main square, but only in a secondary street.


For a bunch of year, the authorities had even built a high wall to hide the temple. Today the wall doesn’t exist anymore, because it’s been replaced by a fence, and the steps that bring to the main entrance are on the main square.


At a certain point the temple façade, that today is only marked with a simple Waldensian emblem, was enriched by the decorations proposed by the artist Paolo Paschetto. Unfortunately, only a rough sketch made by the artist survives until today. I’d have been so curious to see it!
How to get here
From Pinerolo take the Strada Provinciale 23R until you get to Perosa Argentina. Reached the main square turn left in the direction of Pomaretto and go straight to Perrero. You’ll find the temple in Piazza Umberto I.

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