Angrogna administrative centre temple

25 September 2015

Hi! Today I am in Angrogna (in Torino province) to tell you something about the Waldesian temple which rises up in the middle of the town. As you can see, the name of the temple is traditionally “he one of the centre”, to distinguish from another Waldesian religious building located in the same town, and, […]

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Special: on holiday with Valdesina

14 August 2015

We’re getting near the anniversary of the blog “Valdesina, a walk through Waldensian Valleys between history and legends for children“, and we’re glad to celebrate this event with all of the people that follow our stories! That’s why we thought of a special initiative… Do you have any picture taken in some significant place for […]

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The Rocciaglie – Angrogna

17 July 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in high Valley of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, ‘cause I really want to show you this wonderful mountain landscape. We are at Rocciaglie, a barricade of rocks rising from the river Angrogna up to the Turle, which represented in the past a barricade for Waldensian people who were trying […]

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The Waldensian church in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – Turin

19 June 2015

Hello! Today I had a trip out of my Valleys and I came to Turin, capital city of Piedmont… and necessarily linked to the events of Waldensian people! Right here, in fact, Savoy family used to live… and for a long time they opposed Waldenses and tried to eliminate them from their territories, since they […]

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San Giovanni – Luserna San Giovanni

8 May 2015

Hello, my friends! Today we are in a particular area in the town of Luserna San Giovanni, and we’re about to talk a little bit of history. We are on the side of the river Pellice opposite to the historic center of Luserna (called by people from the valley “High Luserna”), in the hamlet of […]

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Mirabouc Fort

16 January 2015

Hello, my friends! Today we are back in high Pellice Valley to talk a little about history… In the years 1560-61, maybe because of the freedom achieved with the agreement of Cavour, in the local authorities a belief increased that a new fort should be built in the valley in order to hold out against […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Lyon

19 December 2014

Valdesina goes on holiday! Lyon Welcome back, my friends, nice to see you again! This is our last piece of 2014 and, for the occasion, I really would like to tell you about an extraordinary adventure: today we will move to France, in order to tell the story of famous Valdo, whom the Waldensian movement […]

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Torre Pellice – Waldesian Quarter

27 August 2014

  Here I am back again, my dear friends! Today we are in the heart of Torre Pellice, in the area known as “Waldensian Quarter”. It is made of some buildings of great historical and cultural interest and importance; all of them are placed near the central Beckwith street: that road was named after the […]

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Pian d’la Svirota – Rorà

24 August 2014

Hi guys! Today I want to enter the woods of Rorà, in Pellice Valley, to go and search for a place which name is directly connected to a historical event that seems to have happened here. I really would like to see the place where the bandit Giosuè Gianavello succeeded in cheating the enemy troops with […]

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San Germano Chisone – Tempio

9 May 2014

Ciao a tutti! Oggi parliamo un po’ di storia e in particolare di San Germano e del suo Tempio. A partire dal Quattrocento in questo paesino si era molto diffuso il culto valdese ma, come accadde anche in Val Pellice, anche qui i valdesi subirono molte persecuzioni. Dopo la Pace di Cavour nel 1561, però, […]

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