Special: on holiday with Valdesina

We’re getting near the anniversary of the blog “Valdesina, a walk through Waldensian Valleys between history and legends for children“, and we’re glad to celebrate this event with all of the people that follow our stories! That’s why we thought of a special initiative…

At the Pis waterfall

Do you have any picture taken in some significant place for the Waldensian history or – even better! – any photo of Valdesina in that place? Well, send them to us, and become protagonists of an article on the blog!

Ready for marmelade!

Just follow these simple instructions: send 3 photos indicating the location where they were taken and, if you like, some information about the place and/or a brief dedication (by you or by your Valdesina) at the following e-mail address: info@babacio.it.
We’ll create an article consisting of a cover page, your photo, a text written by Babacio in order to give some information about the described place and – obviously! – your eventual special dedication.

The Pellice Valley behind me

Your article will be published on Valdesina’s blog, and you will be informed of the date of publication with an email.
As an example take a read at the story set in Forano

What a mushroom!

Come on, Valdesina’s waiting for your postcard!!!

Do you want to read the tale in Italian ?