The Tiny Pig’s Virgin Mary – Villar Perosa

3 March 2017

Hi kids! D’you want to know one of the things I like most of the Waldensian valleys which I come from? …well, you should always keep your eyes open ‘cause things are not always as they appear at first sight… Today for example we are in Villar Perosa, in a location known as Cascina Grossa, […]

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Legend: Germanets’ pig – Goundin, San Germano Chisone

24 January 2014

Hello! Today I want to have a laugh, and so I’m going to recount you a very funny legend. We’re in San Germano Chisone, more precisely into Goudin hamlet, which is on the way from San Germano to Perosa Argentina. If you look carefully, in the heart of this hamlet, just next to the road, […]

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