Legend: Germanets’ pig – Goundin, San Germano Chisone

Today I want to have a laugh, and so I’m going to recount you a very funny legend.
We’re in San Germano Chisone, more precisely into Goudin hamlet, which is on the way from San Germano to Perosa Argentina.
If you look carefully, in the heart of this hamlet, just next to the road, you will see a simple granite pillar with a rood and a date on it. You need to know that once on that place there was an even simpler rood, all made by wood. But it was sticked directly into the ground, and the humidity made the base to decay.

Near to the rood of the Germanets’ pig

A day, the curate of San Germano was passing there, and saw the wooden rood at ground. Immediately he got angry, and decided to discover who committed that sacrilege! For a misdeed like this, at that time the guilt could have been jailed.
Determined in his intention, he began to interrogate the inhabitants of the houses of the neighborhood. A boy, well–known for not being an example of smartness, told him that he knew who threw down the rood.
«Tell me who has been and we’ll be going to have fun!» told the curate.
«How much will you give me?» replied the boy.
«I’ll give you 20 coins» offered the priest.
«I want at list a Franc» retorted the boy, who, despite of being a ninny, was quite sly.

The rood of the Germanets’ pig

The boy kept his mouth shut until the priest didn’t give him the Franc. At that stage he revealed: «A day I was passing here, and I saw with these eyes the pig of the Germanet (a local family) who scratched his back against the rood until it fell on the ground. The rood almost fell on the pig!».

The rood which replaces the old and legendary one

You can imagine the anger of the curate, tricked by a pup and informed that the guilt had been a flea–bitten pig!
That day, the rood was rebuilt in stone, scratch–proof, and since that day everybody called it ironically “the rood of the Germanets’ pig”.

How to get there
From San Germano Chisone, take Via Umbero I, the road which rejoins with the Provincial Road to Perosa Argentina. At a distance or 600 meters from the city hall you’ll see a fork, with a road which starts to go up towards Pramollo. Exactly at this fork, just next to the road on the left you’ll see the rood.

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