Legend: the lake of Pra – Bobbio Pellice

29 August 2014

Hello! Today we are in high Pellice Valley, and more precisely at the Wide Valley of Pra (Conca del Pra), in the town of Bobbio Pellice: right here the most famous legend of the whole valley took place. Click play to listen to the song of the fairy of the Pra! It is said that […]

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The ribbon and the curse – Cournilhoun, Massello

18 July 2014

Here I am with a new, very special legend! Today I’ll bring you into the high valley of Massello, in a place called Cournilhoun, a woody ridge near the Eidût hill country. It is said that once upon a time in this place lived some fairies (also called fantine) in a cot under a rock. […]

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Legend: The snake fairy – Piani, Prarostino

6 December 2013

Here I am, on time for the weekly appointment with a new story for you. This legend is set in Prarostino, a little town in the province of Torino, between Pellice and Chisone valleys, but, alas, we don’t know the exact place. I like to imagine that everything is set in this lawn, in a […]

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