Happy Holidays!

Outside the window the mountains are all whitewashed with snow… while I’m home, cosy, and warmly drinking a nice cup of chocolate and rest a little my tiny legs. Today’s post, in fact, is a special article in which I will leave the floor to the authors of this blog. Yes, I am the inspiring muse and storyteller of all the stories you read, but I cannot do all of this on my own, d’you know?! Each single article is the result of a huge work from Leonora and Jenny, and this year they would like to personally send you their best wishes.
In the meantime let me wish you all the best, and see you next year for many new adventures!



Good morning everyone! It’s quite strange for us to grab the spotlight from the star of this blog, but after 143 posts we thought that the time had come. However, do not worry, since it will only happen once… 😉 In these three and a half years of work there have been so many researches, treks, sandwiches eaten sitting on rocks, wrong paths taken and photos with one foot in the mud and the other in something that looked like mud, but it was something else… J
In any case, the weight of new discoveries, marvelous landscapes, lots of nature, compliments and readers’ support definitely wins on the balance. If you want to discover something from the “backstage”, here we told you about how an article (and all of the work that there’s behind) by Valdesina is born.

The birth of a post

We’re sure that our posts have made even the laziest of you want to go for a walk and visit the places we talked about. And, if it is not, you are still in time: here are a couple of places that you can reach even during these Christmas holidays (they are very easy to reach, so… no excuses!).
A legend set in Perrero tells how behind the construction of a canal there is nothing less than the Devil’s paw (or plinth?!).

Biâl dâ Diaou – Perrero

In another legend that we want to propose again we talked about the legendary construction of a bridge of Great Dubbione.

Legend: The Annibale bridge – Pinasca

If you ever have the chance to take a trip to the city, (I mean… to Turin!), do not miss to go for a visit to the Waldensian Temple of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II!

The Waldensian church in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – Turin

but if you really want to stay home warm and welcome your friends for the holidays, you can always ask mom and dad to prepare a typical recipe from the valley related to this time of year … discover the ingredients and some curiosity about the traditional wishes walnut cake here:

Cooking with Valdesina – Traditional wishes cake with walnuts

We really want to thank everyone of you following this little project of ours and for the esteem and affection that you continuously show us: each compliment from you is good petrol to continue enthusiastically!
We hope you can spend these holidays in the best way as possible, and that the new year may bring you many beautiful surprises.

Leonora and Jenny



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