Martinai – Angrogna

4 October 2013

Welcome back, guys! All this strolling made you thirsty, right? Well, I’m thirsty as well… Don’t worry, kids, I know a fountain flowing cold and refreshing water!!! …here we are! This small village is called “Martinai”, and they say this is the most abundant source of water in the whole valley. The fountain takes its […]

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Legend: The kidnapping – Pount Aout, Angrogna

20 September 2013

Hey guys, are you ready for a story of witches? It is an ancient tale which unfortunately does not have a happy ending… Kids of the past, in particular those who lived here in the mountains, used to have a very hard life: when they got back home from school they had to help their […]

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Rocchamaneoud – Angrogna

13 September 2013

Welcome back, guys! Today we are in a historic place that was for the Waldensians a fortress of defense in the long age of struggle between 1400 and 1600, thanks to its strategic position: since it is located at the entrance of the valley of Angrogna, it gave the chance to keep the landscape below […]

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Vengie – Angrogna

6 September 2013

Hey kids! Ready for a new visit? The little river you can see in this picture is famous because, long time ago, it was cause of separation among people from Angrogna. This creek, that originates from Barbotta and flows into the Angrogna river at the bottom of the valley (just before Reynaud Rock) is called […]

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Odin-Bertot School – Angrogna

30 August 2013

Hello my dear friends, nice to see you again! Today we are in a very special place… I’m sure you will immediately guess where we are… that’s right, guys: let’s go to school! This is “Odin-Bertot” School; it is located on the borderline between the two suburbs that give their name to the school (Odin […]

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Chanforan – Angrogna

29 August 2013

Hello dear! Today we are visiting a site that has great historical importance to the Waldensians: Chanforan. Although nowadays we can only see the stone monument, we have to pay particular attention to the ground the monument leans on. When a group of “barba” met together here for an important meeting in 1532 ‘cause they […]

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Legend: Toumpi d’l Oursa – Angrogna

28 August 2013

Good morning my friends! Today we’ll have to watch our step, unless we want to slip in the water and take a bath, just like it happened to the main character of the tale I’m about to tell you…. First of all, however, I want to tell you something about the place we’re visiting today. […]

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Coulege dei Barba – Angrogna

27 August 2013

Ciao! Aren’t you wondering where our hanging around Waldensian valleys wil bring us today? Well, let’s go find out together! Today we are in Pradeltorno, a place that, time ago, could be reached from the valley floor only walking through a very narrow mule track. This well hidden site used to be a perfect refuge […]

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Roccha d’la Fantina – Angrogna

26 August 2013

Hi guys! How’re you doing? Today I wanna tell you a really special story, one of those stories grandmothers used to tell their children many years ago… The rock you can see behind me is called “Roccha d’la Fantina”, which literally means “the Fairy’s rock”, and it is said that a magical creature lives on […]

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Guieiza d’la Tana – Angrogna

25 August 2013

Hi there! Today we are in a very special place called “Guieiza d’la Tana”, which means “the church in the burrow”… You oughta know that this breach in the rock is very, very old and probably people used it as a refuge when they arrived in this valley a long time ago. It is thought […]

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