The forest of Chambons – Fenestrelle – Part 2

15 June 2018

Here is the second part of a post about a very special sylva, located in Fenestrelle, in the middle of Val Chisone, not so far from Torino. In the first part I told you about this forest made up of larches, which in the centuries has been a natural shield against landslides and avalanches, keeping […]

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Legend: Lago dell’Uomo – Prali, Val Germanasca

4 May 2018

Not far from the small town of Prali, in Val Germanasca, you can find the plateau of Tredici Laghi (Thirteen lakes), located at 2.300 meters of altitude. It’s an enchanting place, a wide tableland surrounded by peaks. Here, walking through easy trails, you can reach many small alpine lakes. Once there were 13 tarns, and […]

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Special: the first inhabitants of the Waldensian Valleys

2 March 2018

Hello! Today I want to take you for a walk more through times rather than through the Valleys, and I would like to tell you about ancient Europe, so much that it dates back to the Neolithic and the Copper Age (from 6500 to 3500 BC), when writing did not exist yet and most metals […]

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Legend: the fairy and the bad advice – Malconsej lake, Bobbio Pellice

16 February 2018

When I started my journey walking to the Pra basin the sun was shining, but during the ascension to Pian Sineive the sky got cloudier. When I took the path on the left, just after the memorial stone which remembers a plane crash occurred in 1957, haze started to rise, and I had to put […]

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Speciale: Costruisci il paper toy del falò

2 February 2018

Today you can leave your trekking shoes in the rack, sit down and make you a good tea, because I’m not bringing you in some places, but I’m sure you’ll have fun anyway. In the February edition of the monthly free press L’Eco delle Valli Valdesi you can find a little surprise: a small paper […]

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The bestiary of Waldensian Valleys – Loup garou

8 December 2017

Today I want to tell you about a folkloric creature, often spotted in Waldensian Valleys. I’m talking about a mixed one, half canine and half human, with a unrestrainable ferocity and the very bad habit of eating all the unlucky ones that bump into it. Yes, I’m talking about the werewolf, also known in the […]

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Legend: the sorcerer and the bull – Alpe Infërnet, Angrogna

27 October 2017

I’ve told you many stories set in these valleys which have sorcerers as protagonists. Some of them are able to deviate the flow of the creeks, some can transform in animals, some others can force you to behave against your will. Almost all of them have something in common: the use of their magical powers […]

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The Waldensian Valleys’ bestiary – Jumarre

29 September 2017

Today I want to tell you about a peculiar animal. Have you ever heard about the giumarro, also called gimerou or jumarre?For sure, this creature doesn’t stand out for its elegance: it’s smaller than a donkey but it’s extremely strong, capable of carry on huge payloads on the mountain paths. Its body is stocky and […]

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Leggenda: L’oro di Crô Saben – Val d’Angrogna

4 August 2017

Hi! Would you be happy if you found a treasure? So, listen carefully, take a shovel and follow me in Val d’Angrogna, where an old legend narrates the discovery of a huge quantity of unrefined gold. A day, as usual, a shepherd was looking after his flock at Crô Saben, between Crëvlira and Souiran pastures, […]

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Cooking with Valdesina: Plandre

26 June 2017

Hello kids! Are you ready to come back with me into the kitchen and prepare a typical recipe from Waldensian Valleys? After learning how to cook the Frichioulin of flowers and a special walnuts cake, today I’d like to show you how to cook a salty plate… but as tasty as the others: let’s cook […]

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